zondag 29 maart 2015

International Dogshow Luxemburg 29/3/2015

Judge Mrs. Gloria Wagner

Open Class dogs 

Eyes of the World My Special Victory 3 ex

Puppy Class Bitches 

Eyes of the World New Gold Dream 1 VP, Best puppy

Junior Class Bitches

Eyes of the World Noya Amarillo Starlight
1Ex, Jcac, Best junior bitch and now Luxemburg Junior Champion

vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Crufts 6/3/2015

Judge Mrs.Juliet Mockford (UK)


Kir Royal De Taraway   5th VHC  

Crufts 6/3/2015

Judge : Mrs  Juliet Mockford UK

Puppy class Bitches   

Eyes of the World Noya Amarillo Starlight    

1 st prize  and Best Puppy Bitch

Judges critique :

1st Mr P Schevenels-de-Cree – Eyes of the World Noya Amarillo Starlight
11 months black and white, this puppy stood out for type and balance, loved her height to length ratio, sloping croup, well set and carried tail. Very pretty feminine head of good proportions, dark eyes although slightly round, up and tipped ears used well, alert and attentive to handler, good length of neck. Moved round the ring very well with excellent reach. Easy winner of this class, best overall bitch puppy.